Change Log

[2007-06-28] Version 2.1. Fixed floating point bug, added multiple input mode.

[2007-05-07] Version 2.0. Complete redesign. Added user-definable categories. Selectable currency. Improved summary. Added help. Many other improvements. Backwards compatible with older versions.

[2007-01-02] Version 1.1. Added the summary page. Small improvements.

[2006-10-04] Version 1.0. Expenses and income storage only, no evaluation or statistic functions yet.

Keep Savin' 2.1

Keep Savin' is a small and simple personal bookkeeper. It will help you to track your expenses and earnings as well as categorize them.


Supported Platforms

  • Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Windows Mobile 6

Screen Shots


More screenshots here...


Keep Savin' is a freeware and we as developers are working full time to improve this and our other products. There are no strings, no nags, no ads, and no timebombs attached to our utilities. Those that enjoy our programs and wish to make a small donation can do so on this website via PayPal or e-Gold. Donations ensure that our programs continue to improve and give us some motivation and recognition.

Thank you for support!


Please read this License Agreement carefully before downloading or using the software.

Download Unsigned CAB, required for Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

Download CAB-signed version, recommended for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 devices.

Simply transfer the .CAB file to your smartphone and execute it. Windows Mobile will automatically install the utility and delete the .CAB file afterwards.